NOLWENN Wood Grain Acetate Eyeglass Frames

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  • Lens Size: 53mm/2.08′ | Bridge Size: 18mm/0.71′ | Temple Length: 140mm/5.51′
  • Material: Wood Grain Acetate
  • Weight: 20.0g
Superior Vision: Our lenses feature premium MR-8™ material for clarity and a sleek design. With anti-reflective coating, they reduce glare for sharper vision and enhanced comfort.
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Wood Grain Acetate Eyeglass Frames

Textured acetate eyeglass frames that look like wood grain but offer the qualities of acetate: lightweight and comfortable, hypoallergenic and durable.

  • RX Eyeglasses Frames
  • 12 months warranty
  • For Women
  • Acetate frames take more impact and wear and tear than conventional plastic.
  • Weight: 20g (including demo lens)
  • Good for larger and smaller heads
  • Progressive-Friendly
  • Carrying case and cleaning cloth.

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Material: ACETATE
Warranty/Refund: 12 MONTHS / 7 DAYS (READ MORE)


Extremely Lightweight & Comfortable
When you’re wearing glasses from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night, it can be pretty important for something that rests on your face to be comfortable. Since acetate is lightweight, it’s a perfect material to use for eyeglasses frames. That way even if they sit on your face the whole day, you won’t experience too much discomfort other than the inconvenience of having to readjust your glasses every couple minutes.

Acetate and conventional plastic frames both wield an advantage in this field with regard to eyeglasses frames. It also helps that both have the nosepads molded into the rest of the frame which allows for less friction and more comfort. Unlike conventional plastic or acetate, metal eyeglasses frames cannot have the nosepads seamlessly molded into the frames and instead have nosepads that look like little hooks with small oval-shaped plastic pads. When they rest on your nose for long enough, they can cause enough discomfort for you to take them off. And what’s waiting for you when you take them off? A nice pair of highly visible red marks on your nose and indents where those nosepads were resting. You won’t get those annoying marks with a pair of acetate eyeglasses frames.

But it wouldn’t just be the weight factor that sets acetate eyeglasses frames apart from conventional plastic or other materials—it’s also its durability. Acetate is made by cutting, forming, and polishing multiple sheets of plastic which gives it its strength even as a plastic and makes it ideal in use for eyeglasses frames. Conventional plastic eyeglasses frames are a mixture of different substances which are essentially molded into a frame shape. With acetate the process takes longer because it’s multiple sheets coming together rather than one simple molding process.

Strength and durability are really important aspects of eyeglasses frames. For some of us, glasses are our lifeline and without them we wouldn’t be able to function, let alone read one sentence in this paragraph. Eyeglasses frames are really vulnerable items because an impact slightly too hard on any point on the glasses might render them obsolete. For instance, if the bridge breaks then you have two halves which won’t stay on by themselves. If the frames surrounding the lenses break, you won’t be able to see out of one eye. In this sense, durability is important and acetate provides it.

However, the durability component lies not in the fact that acetate can simply take more impact and wear and tear than conventional plastic. Part of its better durability is due to the fact that acetate is more flexible—another case for why acetate is the best material for eyeglasses frames. Imagine bursting into the newsroom to deliver a breaking news story and as all eyes turn on you, you whip off your glasses for dramatic effect. But what happens? Your earpiece snags on the end of your ear and part of your temple arm breaks off, hitting the ground with an insignificant clatter.

Granted, this exact circumstance doesn’t happen to everyone but you can never be too sure about what your glasses will go through. The more flexible a pair of eyeglasses frames is, the longer it’s likely to last. It sounds as if acetate is virtually impervious to breaking, and we’re definitely not saying that it is. What we are saying is that acetate affords you greater peace of mind because they won’t break at the slightest pressure and this makes acetate a worthwhile investment for eyeglasses frames.

Rich Design
But what’s a pair of eyeglasses frames without design and color? One thing to keep in mind is that acetate eyeglasses frames are primarily designed with fashion in mind and the objective in using acetate is to achieve eyeglasses frames which can truly attest to being defined as fashionable and stylish.

To understand the role acetate plays in the design and style of eyeglasses frames, we should consider other media of glasses such as conventional plastic and metal. With conventional plastic, colors and designs are more often than not, sprayed on or painted on. It might have a fantastic design or color, but there is only a single layer to the said color or design that is put on conventional plastic eyeglasses frames. It might not seem like an important component, but simple wear and tear causes the color and design to fade away because of this single layer; conventional plastic is inept at retaining quality of a design which means after a year or even a few months of use, they may not look as good as they used to.

Metal frames may be a little better in terms of retaining the quality of the design, but we need to keep in mind that metal frames aren’t really designed to have a special color or patter on them. Most metal eyeglasses frames are thin principally to be conservative in terms of weight. That means less real estate for a design. Thin frames are a look in themselves, but in terms of exhibiting design or color, metal frames won’t do much.

Acetate makes design better and easier to retain unlike the other two media for eyeglasses frames. This is primarily owing to the fact that acetate is carved out of rich colored blocks and layered with multiple sheets of these colors. By layering these colors, they are retained more effectively as designs and patterns are embedded as opposed to being sprayed on or painted on.

Unlike the single layer of paint that you might find on conventional plastic eyeglasses frames, the layers that acetate makes use of act as buffers by protecting and retaining the original color of the frames. Just imagine this idea of layers as a laminated piece of paper—the color and the words on the piece of paper are visible, but the original piece of paper is protected. As a result, acetate allows for the largest range of transparency as it provides rich colors and finishes.

Affordable & Long Lasting
Since acetate is plastic, it doesn’t cost a fortune to make. You might consider it getting the “best bang for your buck”. Acetate eyeglasses frames are a worthwhile investment because they provide the essentials of vision correction while exuding a comfortable yet fashionable and luxurious look. And all this is married to the durability of acetate—that same comfortability and fashionableness won’t fade in the way it will with an average pair of eyeglasses frames.




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